You may know the story of Saul…

found in the Bible. Take a look. It’s found in chapter 9 in the book of Acts.

After Jesus Christ had ascended into heaven following his resurrection, there were many devout Jews who didn’t like the fact that the number of people becoming Jesus followers was growing significantly. And fast.

Saul, a Pharisee, was among this group of those who disliked Christ-followers. In fact, he was the most voracious of all – working tirelessly to imprison those who followed “the Way.”

Then, one day, as he was on his was to Damascus to seek out Christ-followers and take them back to Jerusalem to be imprisoned … it all changed. Saul saw the Light.

Jesus, the Lord Jesus, the one whom Saul hated most, met Saul along this road to Damascus in the form of a bright light. The words of Jesus changed everything for Saul.

Jesus changed Saul’s name to Paul. The Apostle Paul, as we know him today, went on to be the most voracious proponent of Jesus Christ and evangelist of his day.

The Good News of Jesus, proclaimed to Saul some 2000 years ago, remains the best news for our world today.