2022 Invitation to Apply 
With God’s help and guidance, The Damascus Road Foundation has been called to support registered Canadian charities that are working to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are unreached and unengaged. We desire to encourage and support the advancement of the Gospel with the ultimate goal of fulfilling Jesus’ Great Commission (Matthew 28:17-20) and seeing thriving, locally-led, multiplying churches in each community.
Our Highest Priority
Our highest priority is to support evangelism and church-planting efforts that bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to unreached and unengaged people groups (UUPGs)—distinct ethnolinguistic groups with <5% Christians, <2% Evangelical Christians, and no known active church planting underway.
We appreciate that there are many people – even in our own neighbourhoods – who have not heard or embraced the Good News of Jesus.  But there still exist many UUPGs in our world who have no opportunity to hear this message of hope and salvation without cross-cultural evangelistic efforts and the development of Scripture and other resources in their ‘heart language.’ For a list of UUPGs (as tracked by the IMB), please refer to https://peoplegroups.org/. Preference is further given to groups on Finishing the Task’s list of prioritized UUPGs.

Though we desire to support projects where there is a personal and authentic proclamation of the Gospel that leads to healthy, local communities of faithful individuals, we will consider applications for projects focused on UUPGs when the work takes place ‘further back’ from person-to-person evangelism.  Bible translation, internet and radio evangelism, or training missionaries who will be mobilized to UUPGs are a few examples of such work. In these cases, your application must clearly explain why the proposed work is needed and how the proposed project will lead to evangelistic work.

Our Secondary Priority
Our secondary priority is to support Christian evangelistic and church-planting work among those who are unreached. These Unreached People Groups (UPGs) are typically identified as having a population with <5% Christians and <2% Evangelical Christians, but where there is known church planting activity happening among them; preference will be given to work among Frontier People Groups (FPGs), which are estimated to have a population of <0.1% Christians. Use the following links to see lists of people-groups who are currently considered FPGs and UPGs.
Further Guidance
In all the above priorities, we desire to bring support to geographic regions where local funding for evangelistic efforts is unavailable or insufficient.
The Damascus Road Foundation gives preference to projects where evangelism is the primary focus. If evangelism is to lead to a healthy, growing, church community, the integration of discipleship should be considered.  Within your application, we would like to hear about and learn from your experience in this area.
Support for ongoing operational costs, office salaries, the construction of physical buildings, travel costs for Westerners, or WASH programs (Water Sanitation & Health) are not our preferred areas of funding, though we recognize these are important. If evangelism is part of a larger endeavour (e.g., a holistic or integral ministry program), we welcome your request to fund components directly related to the evangelistic activities of the project.
Our grants will support specific projects and not the indefinite, general support of individuals. In cases where individuals are responsible for a finite and clearly defined component of a project, the Foundation is open to granting funds for their support if there is an otherwise insurmountable funding gap. The Foundation will also consider short-term funds to mobilize long-term workers if there is a clear plan to raise sustainable funding from additional sources.
A typical Damascus Road Foundation grant starts at $50,000 and increases based on the merit and anticipated impact of the project. A full project budget is required in the application to identify the specific uses of funds requested from The Damascus Road Foundation.  When your funding request represents a fraction of the project budget, we would like to know where or how you anticipate acquiring remaining funds.
Funding may be approved for up to three years at a time if warranted by the project and organizational track record, but annual disbursements will be contingent upon acceptable progress and reporting.
Applicants will be required to define clear implementation milestones and describe how the project’s outcomes will be assessed and measured. All funding will be subject to regular reporting on the proposed milestones and outcomes stated in the application.
The Damascus Road Foundation is only permitted to fund grants to charitable organizations that are officially registered and approved by the Canada Revenue Agency as qualified donees (i.e., “Canadian registered charities”).  As a result, we are not able to fund a non-Canadian organization unless it is working in partnership with a Canadian registered charity who provides direction and control for the project.
Each Canadian charity receiving Damascus Road Foundation support should have a history of similar work as the proposed project.  Whenever possible, our preference is to support work that will, or will ultimately, be led and implemented day-to-day by people local to the region where the work will take place.

Applying charities must have a minimum annual revenue of $500,000 from all sources and submit a copy of their audited financial statements from the most recently completed fiscal year.

Upcoming Application Deadline(s)
Applications and all supplementary material, using The Damascus Road Foundation’s application template, must be submitted by:
      October 7, 2022 – for consideration in December 2022
If you believe that your organization’s work fits within the above description, we invite you to introduce yourself through an email sent to ​
info @ damascusroadfoundation.ca.